Paint War this year was AWESOME! After the long summer of camp, we miss our Ozone students so much! Our kickoff event is one of my favorite special events because for the first time since last year, all of the cities get together and celebrate the beginning of the new year together. This is an event our students look forward to each year.

This year, we unveiled a new twist, a throwback to an old camp event mixed with gallons of paint! We split into four color teams, Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow, each led by their own color captain. There were over 20 games that teams had to complete to earn points for their team. Paint Chur Shoes featured a huge bucket of paint that each team member helped hold up, and once each member successfully got one shoe off, they completed their task. But most teams ended up with at least one member COVERED with green paint!

My favorite part of the event is the DANCE PARTY. Everyone has gotten coated with paint throughout the games, but the pink paint stuck behind their ears and in their hair was yet to come out. Everyone waited in anticipation for the winner to be announced, and at the moment the DJ yelled “YELLOW TEAM!” a cloud of powder paint flew into the air! Kids danced to The Monkey and followed each leader, begging for more paint to cover the last bit of white on their shirts. The energy was so high as friends from camp and Ozone reconnected, regardless of the school or city they’re from, through lots of paint, laughter, and a whole lot of FUN! That is what makes Paint War truly unforgettable!

Written by: Erin Suchy