This past September, CWE Summit students headed out to camp for the 1st annual Fall Breakaway.  With the hope of breaking our students away from the mundane and repetitive temptations of high school life, we piled into the camp buses and spent the evening together as one body, one community, and one family in the one place where it all began.  It’s hard to describe how good a hot-dog tastes when you’re eating it on the tennis courts, and even harder to describe the ease in conversation when hiking to the Cross.  But for those who have experienced these things, and much more, there’s no better way to spend your September Friday night than at Breakaway.  The evening started off with some good ole’ eating and relaxation “Red, White, and Blue” style.  Post dinner came some pre-worship reflection and devotional time as the sun was setting.  On our way to the shore-line, we pit-stopped at the fishing pond for some guided prayer along the lit-up trees of the Osage Forest.  

Finally, we gathered at the foot of the cross and sang together, proclaiming our adoration for a God whose relentless command that we praise Him bids us to not settle for anything less than our completed joy.  We are grateful for the grace and love of our Lord that continues to manifest itself in people’s lives inside the gates of CWE.  To me, Camp War Eagle has meant constant joy and transformative relationships.  To others, camp has meant freedom from sorrow and rebirth of passion.  To others, the discovery of Christ and the dedication of life.  But to most of our awesome summit students, camp is just camp; it is the joy unexplainable, the growth undeniable, and the family ever-faithful.  And this is why we break away: to still our hearts, quiet our minds, and remember our God, the great I AM, who was and is and is to come and will always be worthy of our praise.

Written by: Scott Jones